A Nightmare on Elm Street is a landmark horror franchise that introduced the world to the iconic villain, Freddy Krueger. Created by Wes Craven, this series revolves around the haunting concept of a vengeful spirit invading the dreams of teenagers on Elm Street, exacting terrifying consequences in the real world.

Freddy Krueger, with his burned face, tattered hat, and signature glove adorned with razor-sharp knives, is the embodiment of terror. He preys on the vulnerable by invading their dreams, where he holds absolute power, turning dreams into lethal nightmares.

Each film in the series weaves a twisted narrative, exploring Freddy's origins and the attempts by teenagers to survive his deadly endeavors.

With its groundbreaking premise, terrifying antagonist, and imaginative kills, A Nightmare on Elm Street has become a cornerstone of the horror genre, leaving a mark on pop culture and solidifying Freddy Krueger as one of cinema's most haunting villains.