Rubies offers a diverse selection of products for the entire family extending far beyond Halloween. Our top-notch in-house design team, creates a wide range of exclusive and innovative products for various holidays and special occasions. The strong relationships we have with major licensors allows us to offer exclusive officially licensed products from popular brands and franchises. As always, quality is our priority, and we are committed to creating durable and well-crafted products that exceed expectations.

Accessible globally through various retail channels, convenience is at our core. We customize orders to meet unique preferences, offering flexibility in quantities, sizes, and more. With a robust inventory, we provide immediate fulfillment for a seamless shopping experiences. Setting ourselves apart, our array of services, include drop shipping, warehouse support, and marketing assistance, cater to your diverse business needs. At Rubies, we're dedicated to bringing your imagination to life with quality, accessibility, and personalized service.

Extensive Product Selection

We offer a vast selection of products that extend well beyond Halloween. Our products cover a wide array of holidays and special occasions, allowing customers to find products for every occasion.

Licensing Agreements

We have established strong licensing agreements with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, such as Warner Bros. Discovery, Paramount, Universal, and many more. By securing licenses for popular movies, TV shows, and other franchises, we offer customers a huge range of officially licensed items that appeal to fans and enthusiasts.

In-House Design Team

We have a stellar in-house design team that works on creating unique and original costume designs, allowing us to offer exclusive and innovative options that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. Our commitment to design ensures that customers have access to a diverse range of creative and well-executed costumes.

On-Hand Inventory

Our physical inventory allows us to deliver a vast selection of costumes and accessories year-round to our customers. By having a comprehensive inventory, we ensure that customers can find the products they need without delays or backorders. Thus creating a seamless shopping experience, and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Variety of Services

Our comprehensive range of services sets us apart from competitors. From drop shipping to FOB options, warehouse services, and stock orders, we offer flexible solutions to meet your business' needs. Additionally, we provide marketing support and signage to help you promote our products effectively.

Extensive Reach

Our products can be found in various retail channels globally, including national retail chains, toy stores, costume shops, online stores, variety stores, and specialty retailers. This wide distribution network ensures accessibility and convenience for customers, making it easier to find Rubies products in their preferred shopping locations.